The Newton Engineering and Design Group has created a unique Product Design Process, utilizing an engineering group led by seasoned engineering professionals, supported by over 25 multi-discipline engineers with years of experience. NED’s combined skill set brings to you the craftiest individuals to bring Your Dreams To Life.

Confidence is one thing. Knowledge is another. Loving what we do, is everything.

Product development entails much in terms of knowledge, and The NED Group offers years of experience to help you get where you need to go as fast as possible.


The NED Group is here to help you build your dream. Keeping it simple, doing the work quickly, but correctly, all together equate to the money factor. Money matters!

Having a team of seasoned professionals, ready to bring that next dream of yours to reality. Each team member has 10+ years of industry experience, which means that we don’t have to go learn how to do it. Speed is of the essence for competitive reasons, and The NED Group’s teaming approach to development pays for itself in design accuracy.


The NED Group is like having an army of cyborgs that simply conquer. At NED, our team input-output capability is enhanced by the years of combined experience. The NED Group business model is simple and is customer-centric, and that is why it works:

  • Experienced engineers, only pay for services that you need.
  • Pay for performance, pay only for what you ask for.
  • Fixed bid pricing. Never have to worry about cost overruns.
  • Joint milestone definition processes engage you where and when you want.

While we are not exactly cyborgs, we are here to crush your expectations like one!


Keep It Simple. Keep It Honest. Keep The Process Transparent To Our Customers. Do It Right The First Time. Make Money, But Offer Our Services At The Best Prices. Have Some Fun.

We Fix Bid — that’s pretty straightforward. Our experience allows us great insight into what it will take to get the job done. Our confidence has to be strong, or else we will be wrong with our bid, and in the end, hurt ourselves. The fixed bid approach keeps both of us honest.