CloudLock System-On-A-Module by The NED Group

The CloudLock System-On-a-Module (SOM) is a complete FCC Part-15 and ICES 003 certified secure solution with ARM processor and Wi-Fi/BLE on a single small form-factor module.

CloudLock incorporates the PSoC64 hardware-based root-of-trust (ROT) along with a Murata WI-FI/BT module on a castellation board measuring 1,981mils (50.32mm) x 635mils (16.13mm) to provide a complete certified secure solution.

Featuring the PSoC 64 Standard Secure – AWS MCU

The PSoC 64 Standard Secure – AWS Wi-Fi BT Pioneer Kit features the PSoC 64 Standard Secure

  • 150-MHz Arm® Cortex®-M4 (non-secure processing environment)
  • 100-MHz Arm Cortex-M0+ (pre-configured with a root-of-trust and secure processing environment running Trusted Firmware-M)
  • 2MB of Flash, 1MB of SRAM
  • Secure Digital Host Controller (SDHC) supporting SD/SDIO/eMMC interfaces
  • Programmable analog blocks and programmable digital blocks

Murata Type 1DX Module (CYW4343W Wi-Fi + BT Combo Chip)

The CloudLock RF communications features the Murata Type 1DX module that provides IEEE 802.11b/g/n-compliant Wi-Fi with integrated Bluetooth 5.1, best-in-class power consumption, and enables small form factors for IoT devices.

Supported Software

PSoC 64 Standard Secure – AWS MCU has been FreeRTOS qualified. FreeRTOS is a real-time operating system (RTOS) that includes a kernel and a growing set of libraries for connectivity, security, and firmware over-the-air (FOTA) updates. FreeRTOS supports both a CMake build flow as well as a Make build flow with the ModusToolbox® software environment. To get started using FreeRTOS, please refer to the Getting Started Guide.

Supported Development Platforms

If you want to start your design process there are two development kits available, the CY8CKIT-064S0S2-4343W from Infineon and the Cloud Lock Dev Kit from the NED Group.

Both dev kits have the PSoC® 64 Standard Secure – AWS Wi-Fi BT hardware platform that enables you to easily design and debug your IoT application with PSoC 64 Standard Secure – AWS MCU and Amazon’s AWS IoT Core and associated web services.

The CY8CKIT-064S0S2-4343W from Infineon has the SOM soldered to the dev kit and allows the user the ability to plug Arduino daughter cards onto it.
The Cloud Lock Dev Kit from the NED Group has all 70 available I/O pinned out onto headers and will allow the user to program multiple Cloud Lock SOM boards, one at a time. You can program the Cloud Lock SOM then remove the board to be placed on the system mainboard, due to the castellated spring pins incorporated into the dev kit.

Firmware and Secure Programming:

The NED Group can help you with firmware development, setting up a secure programming environment, and secure provisioning for manufacturing we can even provide secure manufacturing of your end product.