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Product Design

The full deal is the ability to take a dream, and bring the complete product to light. Amazing things happen when a group of engineers that are invested in product success get together and create as a NED team, rather than individuals.


Today, it’s all in the code, no matter if it is embedded, GUI, mobile, cloud, or server based. Software is one of our core capabilities. With over half of our team being coders, NED is poised to take on any software challenge.

Electronics Design

Software needs hardware, and we are “all in” with analog, digital, RF, power and distribution electronic design. From concept to simulation, to schematic, to finished PCB, to final design, electronics is a centric engineering discipline for us.

Mechanical Design

It seems that no matter how successful the software and electronics design is, if it does not look, feel or sound good, it’s not good. We manage mechanical designs utilizing just about every material on the planet, plastics to metal to paint color.

Safety Agency Liason

Today, safety is upmost. The NED Group has years of experience working with agencies such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Intertek (ETL). EMI, RFI, conducted, radiated, those are all NED core capabilities.


Nothing sounds better to the ear than a global presence. The NED Group works with contract manufacturers around the globe to find the right place for your product to be manufactured with best practices in mind.

FPGA Design

We utilize the hottest industry standard FPGAs and tools to create large scale design projects. Altera (Intel), Xilinx, Lattice, Actel, etc. are all normal design flows for us.

Sheet Metal Design

Sometimes sheet metal seems like a simplistic design process, let The NED Group team of engineers show you what we can do to streamline your design complexity to lower costs and offer faster time to market.

Machined Components

Sometimes, machining is the way to go. We also offer tooling support for lowering volume production pieces: same result, lower cost.

Legal Services

Our patent attorney has over 15 years in the electronics industry and over 19 years in the patent industry, which uniquely enables him to extract all of the details of your NED-designed technical solution and formulate them into one or more valid U.S. Patents that are crafted to be infringed by your competitors. Don’t have an attorney at all? Our patent attorney has also served as general counsel in the electronics industry for about 10 years and is available for counsel on just about any topic – from contracts to export controls, from product liability to corporate governance.

Product Refresh

Your existing product may need a refresh: we can do a total overview and offer cost reductions and component updates, manufacturing betterments and overall savings.

Mobile Apps

You have the hardware. Now you just need an app to control it. We can develop your hardware’s companion application for mobile device platforms, giving you a complete solution all within one company. This gives you the tightest integration between hardware and software.